Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Inecto Vegan Pure Coconut Moisture Infusing Shampoo & Conditioner Review.

I've been hunting around for some toiletries that are reasonably priced, paraben free, vegan,  and that suit my lifestyle . 

I saw the Inecto Pure Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner online at and decided to give them a try . The first thing I thought was these are huge for £1.99 - 500ml is big for a shampoo / conditioner bottle . The smell then hit me , oh yes! Like being on holiday either with coconut sunblock on or sipping Malibu , either way it's a nice smell . 

The shampoo is ok,  - it lathers up producing so much that you don't need a massive amount , and it makes your hair full of volume and your locks  look super clean when dry . A really great shampoo ! 

The conditioner is not my favourite , and  if you leave it on too long ( like I did , it kind of makes your hair feel odd - think Barbie hair, and tangles easily !) 

So just leave it on for 3 mins and you'll be fine . Again , it smells amazing , and rinses out well not leaving your hair lank or dull . 

I use a lot on my hair as I like to condition it all over as I'm trying to repair damage that was done a few years ago . 

When it's dry coat the bottom of your hair with coconut oil , my favourite brand is the Nutiva one at the moment as they do huge giant sized tubs that are the same size as my head ! 

Here's to having lovely locks that rapunzel would be proud of ! See what you think of it, I know it's had rave reviews!

I was not asked , paid, sent anything for this review - I like sharing my favourite products with you !

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Goodness Direct & Orgran.

Still loving Goodness Direct • Orgran Brand • Review


Our goodness direct order came the other day, while I was in the garden with Opeie, since he & I are Vegan minus soy and gluten it can be hard to continuously find interesting foods that are new and different from the normal stuff we eat ! 

I have been playing around with the Orgran brand a little these last few months and we have fallen in love with most of their stuff ! Definitely a brand worth checking out since all their stuff is gluten and vegan  - makes a change , especially since their food is so delicious ! 

The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife - book review .

( no I'm not married yet ! The silver band is my keeper ring until I can get my ring down sized 5 sizes - raw foods weight loss!!) 

I've been reading this book ; The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife . It is amazing !! Yes coconut oil is very high in calories, but I don't believe in calories anyway , coconut oil is so nutritional the calorie aspect doesn't matter )

It covers every aspect from skin ,medic  problems and how to cure them, hair treatments ,  curing Crohn's disease, uses for breastfeeding moms, cooking , recipes, curing athletes foot, why its used in medicines, the scientific molecular breakdowns etc . 

It's a fabulous book and I am so glad I bought it ! 

The other day I was unloading our Goodness Direct order and realised how much coconut stuff I actually buy ... I've always been a coconut fan , but it's more like a healthy addiction now ! 

I personally use coconut oil 7-12 times a day for eating , moisturising , make up removal , skin repairing , baking , chocolate making , the list is endless !

I've recently become a fan of coconut butter too , it's made differently , has a less sweet taste and is more commonly used in desserts etc . I'm still learning about the butter , but it's good ! 

What I love about Bruce's book is how he talks openly about medics / scientists thinking coconut oil was unhealthy and why it gets such a bad wrap . It's genuinely a miracle product and one I live and can't imagine never not using ! 

The best place to get it if you can't lically is the Raw Living Coconut Oil, from Goodness Direct

What are your favourite coconut products ?

GRAZE.COM | GOODY BOX For Children Review

 Finally... a Healthy, Fun snack for kids!

I just wanted to share the boys new love for the's Goodybox for Kids! Seth and Opeie absolutely love it when they drop through the letter box! They are so good due to introducing the boys to things we don't tend to buy like different types of salsas, chutneys, dried mango and lots of lovely other bits. 


Seth for example, always says he 'doesn't like' dried Coconut, but because of the fun packaging and quirky game inside he didn't even question what was in it, just munched it all down.

Opeie also loved the things he had, the dried fruit, cherries, pineapple and mango especially.

If you're travelling alot, out for the day or just want to give your children more interesting snacks, which are healthy , hip and fun, which they'll love, try them! You can pick pick how often they arrive weather it's daily, weekly , monthly etc, and which things you'd like and which items you would like to try, or don't want at all.

I want to try the adult ones, more of the children's ones for the boys, and the breakfast boxes!

Thanks Graze.Com for being so helpful- the boys love them , and as a Moma, I can pick which things I am happy for them to have lots of a little of.

( Some of the snacks have dairy/eggs etc in but the great thing is, you can opt out of them! Happy Days! )

---- I ordered and purchased the Graze boxes from Graze.Com for my children to enjoy, I haven't been paid etc , I just love sharing my favorite things with you! ---

Goodlife Spicy Lentil Vegetable Wedge Review ( Vegan Soya Gluten Free )

I've been Vegan ( without soya) for three years now, I'd been vegetarian since I was age 4, but due to being in & out of hospital for over a year , admitted to hospital over 23 times & having had a awful time, I then had my son , and started breast feeding .

Well , it turned out our little man was allergic to dairy , eggs & soya . Since I'd not eaten for almost 10 months due to having a really bad reaction to pregnancy known as hyperemisis , and other things , I was thrilled to be eating properly again .... THAT lasted 2 weeks . Then we found out our baby had the allergies.

I became vegan in a day , and life got very frustrating .

The other day we visited wholefoods market in Cheltenham to stock up on essentials for a healthy vegan life . ( I wrote a review here)

A few of the things I tried I loved, and a few I hated , but I'll get to that in another post .

What I wanted to concentrate on in this post was talking about / reviewing the Goodlife , which I really love!

They are so delicious & tick all the boxes for me . Here is a breakdown of the ingredients & nutritional info : ( I've been worried I'm not getting enough proteins / fermented foods so this meal was great as a quick lunch )

The thing I liked best was the mango purée, of which I am a huge fan of, it wasn't mixed into the rest of the mix inside , it was almost like a little parcel of sauce which oozed out when you cut into it , totally lush & unexpected .Ingredients list : Chickpeas, wheatflour, tomato, mango purée (11%), onion, puy lentils (7%), rapeseed oil, water, dried potato, coriander, petits pois (4%), spinach (2%), tomato purée, cornflour, onion powder, salt, cumin, garlic purée, garlic powder, nigella seeds, yeast, turmeric, black pepper, chilli powder, yeast extract, allspice, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger, bay, clove, cassia, cayenne pepper.

Price I would score these 4/5
Taste I would score these 5/5
Cooking ease score : 5/5
Suitable for little mouths : Yes ( not too spicey)

(Nutricanal Info: 244kCals, 6.9g Protein, 8.1g (0.7g saturates) 7.3g Fiber 0.7g Salt)

They are so great for a quick meal , they're not organic, but they contain no baddies really and they're gluten free.

I had my Goodlife  Spicy Lentil & Vegetable Wedge with Salad, peppers, Vegusto mild Aramaic dairy / soya vegan cheese , Raw Vibrant Living sauerkraut ,lemon & coriander houmous and lightly drizzled it in wholefoods fresh & wild omega 3,6,9 oil .


GOODLIFE VEGAN Glamorgan Sausages with leek, onion and cauliflower Review


Goodlife Glamorgan Leek & Cauliflower Sausages, with ratatouille and Vegusto cheese.

Goodlife Glamorgan Leek & Cauliflower Sausage Review : Oh my goodness. It has been SO long since I tried something so so good. ( I've not been paid to say that! Or sent these either. ) Being vegan and mostly soya free , I was reluctant to try these, as they DO contain alittle tiny soya, but luckily they didn't make Opeie ill, as it's such a tiny amount.

They taste almost cheesy, and like they should be really high in calories, when infact they are not. They aren't completely smooth and mushy in texture, they have a nice amount of small chunked veg inside the sausages, and plenty of crispness on the outside.

The sausages from Goodlife are really quick and simple to cook, 30 minutes in the oven and your done. I don't buy that much frozen food, infact I don't buy any, because there is non I actually like, but oh, my, goodness these are something else, and at £2.29 a bargain!

They also make great finger foods for toddlers, and are a great way to incorporate something different into your babies diet. I think they taste just as nice cooled, as they do hot. I am going to try them chopped up in a salad when I'm out and about in a lunchbox. I also think they'd be great in a tortilla wrap if your able to have gluten, or on a ciabatta with spinach, salsa and alittle vegan cheese. Delish!

I bought mine from Tesco and Wholefoods for £2.29 ( for a pack of 6 ), but I believe you can get them from some Asda stores and Sainsbury's. You can also buy them online here. 

Price / Value : 5/5*
Flavor 4.5/5*
Suitable for little mouths 4/5 ( I would suggest them as a finger food for babies 12m + )


Method Laundry ' Fresh Air' Review Detergent & Liquid

You might be wondering, what posesses me to write a review about washing/ laundry powder / liquid?

Well, since becoming involved in the cosmetic industry 2 yrs ago, I know that alot of the chemicals in things affect our skin, however mild or strong depends on the chemical and product. But I know that alot of people suffer with skin allergies / eczema  from laundry cleaner.  The main reason's for this is due to the cleaning chemicals/ bleaching agents / enzymes and foaming agents. 

From their website: "Method's high-powered formula is readily biodegradable, non-toxic in use and is made using 95% natural and renewable ingredients"


Now, I was very skeptical as I am very fussy and like pristine washing having two children, one whom is only 23 months and still in cloth nappies.  So this Eco washing liquid had alot to put up with!
Knowing that our washing machine is 11KG, I decided to give it an extra 2 pumps like the pack suggested, when set the dial to 30'c I wondered if it would be as good as the chemical laiden detergent I am used to... The results?

Everything came out pristine, clean, and smelling like Fresh Air.

I'm really hoping that they are able to add alittle more fragrance to it though, as I like my washing to smell really good.

For the pack I bought from Big Green Smile, it was £4.79 on offer ( RRP £5.99) for 25 regular washes... You can buy large refills though to refile the pump dispenser, which I am hoping to do, providing it's not too messy. ( I will let you know how this works out! )

I'm going to see how this holds up on the nappies, and more soiled things like muddy clothes. But on the 10 loads I've done using it so far it's come out brilliant! I've been recommending it to people I know who suffer with eczema and my sister has it very bad on her legs, so I am hoping it helps her.

Let me know how you find this, have you tried any other Method Products?

The Raw Chocolate Company Chocolate Coated Goji Berries - Review

I opened my Goodness Direct Order this week to find they'd sent me some delicious Raw Chocolate Goji Berries to review. They are delicious! Both Pauly and I have been munching on them when we want a healthy snack. 

The ingredients are nourishing, energising and detoxing. 

Goji berries 44%, raw chocolate 56% (69% cacao solids): cacao mass, rice powder (rice syrup powder, rice starch, rice flour), cacao butter, cacao powder, fructose, natural Madagascan vanilla flavour.
They are also high in protein surprisingly.  Protein 11.5g / per 100g which is great for Vegan moms on the go, who want something fun & tasty to snack on. 
Goji berries have been known for their weight loss qualities too, which is great for me trying to slim down, especially as they have the raw cacoa - ultra detoxing. 

I love The Raw Chocolate Company, and they've definitely got another thing right here. Totally divine!  £7.99 for a massive 200g bag . Buy them online here