Thursday 10 October 2013

Aloree Chlorocosmetic Life Resource Radiant Mask Review

I recently spoke to one of my beauty pals who works in the industry, about products she can't live without, that she loves and would recommend in a heartbeat.... Aloree Chloro Vitae Masque was her pick, and she had some samples in her work box to give to clients! ( Lucky me! ) 

She explained that it this product is a clever, multifunction beauty mask, which purifies and brightens your complexion. it's packed with anti-oxidants, to make your skin feel replenished and revived. This treatment regenerates and detoxifies, leaving you with a smooth and glowing complexion, my skin felt so amazing after I'd used it.  

It looks like something that you'd fine in a story book but it's a  beauty product…its shimmering texture turns into a fluid when it comes into contact with water.

Results: a healthy and younger looking skin, moisturized and plumped up. A smooth, bright and glowing complexion. It also won the Beauty Organic Award 2011. My skin felt amazing after using it, I would love to try more of their products but they seem quite tricky to get hold of in the UK, but I'm going to keep looking, and speak to my friend Laura who lives in Paris, as she is in the know with all things beauty- I will report back soon!
Incase you were wondering what the active ingredients are to cause that amazing glow and sparkle they are :  Chlorophyll from young barley shoots, polyphenols, vitamin E : anti-oxidant and oxygenating and Moisturizing and regenerating complex of vegetable oils : grape, olive and sunflower seeds

John Masters Organic Shampoo & Conditioner Review " Evening Primrose Shampoo " & "Honey & Hibiscus Conditioner"

I just have to tell you about the John Masters Shampoo and condition I was given (teeny) samples of the other day whilst away and visiting a health spa and shop! OH MY, I was quite excited to try them, and I have no word to explain how good they are,  fantabulous comes close . They called : Evening Primrose Shampoo & Honey & Hibiscus Conditioner (- I'm a vegan who believes in using honey, personal choice. )

The samples were small, as my hair is very very long, but they still worked well. I would have liked to try them for longer though, over a week etc to see how my hair changes. 

The Pro's to the John Masters shampoo and conditioners are that they're organic (!!!) , made my hair feel great, it was manageable when I had gotten out of the shower - something that is always a test for me as my hair can be very tangly and knotty. They both also smell GREAT ! The shampoo made my hair full of bounce at the roots, and the conditioner made it easy to dry. It felt nice for a few days too, until I rewashed it. 

The Con's are, that the shampoo is very very runny, which I didn't expect and I initally found it hard to apply, I think if I used it for longer I would totally get used to this though. 

( That's the only negative thing I can think of! )

I would definitely recommend this, it's a great product and I just had to share this with you!

( I've not been paid to recommend this, all thoughts are as always my own, and if I love a product I just have to share it! Enjoy! )

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Dr Bronners Vegan Pure MAGIC Castile Soap review - I love them !!!

It's rare I find a product that I know I will buy again & again after the first time I use it . Normally I have to really put a product through its paces, especially a beauty / cosmetic product . When I tried Dr Bronners soaps a few weeks ago , I instantly fell in love. Those who know me personally , will know , one of the things I'm known for is my love of the bath tub . Infact as I write this on my iPhone I am laying in a warm bath before I go to work (it is very very early ) - everyone knows I just can't get enough of the tub . It's a bit of a running joke that once I'm in , I can't get out . 

Dr Bronners magic soaps make it even harder to get out of the tub too , oh boy they are luxury in paper wrapping . My favourite has to be the Rosé one, followed by peppermint . 

They are vegan, natural, and the best quality soap I've ever used . Did you know when you apply something to your skin 68% of it can be absorbed ?! This is something I always consider since training as a make up artist and then moving into medical healthcare . 

Dr Bronners soaps are amazing , they leave you feeling super clean, fresh and a little pampered by the beautiful smell . - definatly recommend by this moma to use on your babies too , infact Opeie & Seth love them as much as me as they lather up so much . 

I bought my soaps at a small Eco friendly shop on holiday - you can get them online too though . 

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Inecto Vegan Pure Coconut Moisture Infusing Shampoo & Conditioner Review.

I've been hunting around for some toiletries that are reasonably priced, paraben free, vegan,  and that suit my lifestyle . 

I saw the Inecto Pure Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner online at and decided to give them a try . The first thing I thought was these are huge for £1.99 - 500ml is big for a shampoo / conditioner bottle . The smell then hit me , oh yes! Like being on holiday either with coconut sunblock on or sipping Malibu , either way it's a nice smell . 

The shampoo is ok,  - it lathers up producing so much that you don't need a massive amount , and it makes your hair full of volume and your locks  look super clean when dry . A really great shampoo ! 

The conditioner is not my favourite , and  if you leave it on too long ( like I did , it kind of makes your hair feel odd - think Barbie hair, and tangles easily !) 

So just leave it on for 3 mins and you'll be fine . Again , it smells amazing , and rinses out well not leaving your hair lank or dull . 

I use a lot on my hair as I like to condition it all over as I'm trying to repair damage that was done a few years ago . 

When it's dry coat the bottom of your hair with coconut oil , my favourite brand is the Nutiva one at the moment as they do huge giant sized tubs that are the same size as my head ! 

Here's to having lovely locks that rapunzel would be proud of ! See what you think of it, I know it's had rave reviews!

I was not asked , paid, sent anything for this review - I like sharing my favourite products with you !

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Goodness Direct & Orgran.

Still loving Goodness Direct • Orgran Brand • Review


Our goodness direct order came the other day, while I was in the garden with Opeie, since he & I are Vegan minus soy and gluten it can be hard to continuously find interesting foods that are new and different from the normal stuff we eat ! 

I have been playing around with the Orgran brand a little these last few months and we have fallen in love with most of their stuff ! Definitely a brand worth checking out since all their stuff is gluten and vegan  - makes a change , especially since their food is so delicious ! 

The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife - book review .

( no I'm not married yet ! The silver band is my keeper ring until I can get my ring down sized 5 sizes - raw foods weight loss!!) 

I've been reading this book ; The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife . It is amazing !! Yes coconut oil is very high in calories, but I don't believe in calories anyway , coconut oil is so nutritional the calorie aspect doesn't matter )

It covers every aspect from skin ,medic  problems and how to cure them, hair treatments ,  curing Crohn's disease, uses for breastfeeding moms, cooking , recipes, curing athletes foot, why its used in medicines, the scientific molecular breakdowns etc . 

It's a fabulous book and I am so glad I bought it ! 

The other day I was unloading our Goodness Direct order and realised how much coconut stuff I actually buy ... I've always been a coconut fan , but it's more like a healthy addiction now ! 

I personally use coconut oil 7-12 times a day for eating , moisturising , make up removal , skin repairing , baking , chocolate making , the list is endless !

I've recently become a fan of coconut butter too , it's made differently , has a less sweet taste and is more commonly used in desserts etc . I'm still learning about the butter , but it's good ! 

What I love about Bruce's book is how he talks openly about medics / scientists thinking coconut oil was unhealthy and why it gets such a bad wrap . It's genuinely a miracle product and one I live and can't imagine never not using ! 

The best place to get it if you can't lically is the Raw Living Coconut Oil, from Goodness Direct

What are your favourite coconut products ?

GRAZE.COM | GOODY BOX For Children Review

 Finally... a Healthy, Fun snack for kids!

I just wanted to share the boys new love for the's Goodybox for Kids! Seth and Opeie absolutely love it when they drop through the letter box! They are so good due to introducing the boys to things we don't tend to buy like different types of salsas, chutneys, dried mango and lots of lovely other bits. 


Seth for example, always says he 'doesn't like' dried Coconut, but because of the fun packaging and quirky game inside he didn't even question what was in it, just munched it all down.

Opeie also loved the things he had, the dried fruit, cherries, pineapple and mango especially.

If you're travelling alot, out for the day or just want to give your children more interesting snacks, which are healthy , hip and fun, which they'll love, try them! You can pick pick how often they arrive weather it's daily, weekly , monthly etc, and which things you'd like and which items you would like to try, or don't want at all.

I want to try the adult ones, more of the children's ones for the boys, and the breakfast boxes!

Thanks Graze.Com for being so helpful- the boys love them , and as a Moma, I can pick which things I am happy for them to have lots of a little of.

( Some of the snacks have dairy/eggs etc in but the great thing is, you can opt out of them! Happy Days! )

---- I ordered and purchased the Graze boxes from Graze.Com for my children to enjoy, I haven't been paid etc , I just love sharing my favorite things with you! ---