Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife - book review .

( no I'm not married yet ! The silver band is my keeper ring until I can get my ring down sized 5 sizes - raw foods weight loss!!) 

I've been reading this book ; The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife . It is amazing !! Yes coconut oil is very high in calories, but I don't believe in calories anyway , coconut oil is so nutritional the calorie aspect doesn't matter )

It covers every aspect from skin ,medic  problems and how to cure them, hair treatments ,  curing Crohn's disease, uses for breastfeeding moms, cooking , recipes, curing athletes foot, why its used in medicines, the scientific molecular breakdowns etc . 

It's a fabulous book and I am so glad I bought it ! 

The other day I was unloading our Goodness Direct order and realised how much coconut stuff I actually buy ... I've always been a coconut fan , but it's more like a healthy addiction now ! 

I personally use coconut oil 7-12 times a day for eating , moisturising , make up removal , skin repairing , baking , chocolate making , the list is endless !

I've recently become a fan of coconut butter too , it's made differently , has a less sweet taste and is more commonly used in desserts etc . I'm still learning about the butter , but it's good ! 

What I love about Bruce's book is how he talks openly about medics / scientists thinking coconut oil was unhealthy and why it gets such a bad wrap . It's genuinely a miracle product and one I live and can't imagine never not using ! 

The best place to get it if you can't lically is the Raw Living Coconut Oil, from Goodness Direct

What are your favourite coconut products ?

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