Thursday, 10 October 2013

Aloree Chlorocosmetic Life Resource Radiant Mask Review

I recently spoke to one of my beauty pals who works in the industry, about products she can't live without, that she loves and would recommend in a heartbeat.... Aloree Chloro Vitae Masque was her pick, and she had some samples in her work box to give to clients! ( Lucky me! ) 

She explained that it this product is a clever, multifunction beauty mask, which purifies and brightens your complexion. it's packed with anti-oxidants, to make your skin feel replenished and revived. This treatment regenerates and detoxifies, leaving you with a smooth and glowing complexion, my skin felt so amazing after I'd used it.  

It looks like something that you'd fine in a story book but it's a  beauty product…its shimmering texture turns into a fluid when it comes into contact with water.

Results: a healthy and younger looking skin, moisturized and plumped up. A smooth, bright and glowing complexion. It also won the Beauty Organic Award 2011. My skin felt amazing after using it, I would love to try more of their products but they seem quite tricky to get hold of in the UK, but I'm going to keep looking, and speak to my friend Laura who lives in Paris, as she is in the know with all things beauty- I will report back soon!
Incase you were wondering what the active ingredients are to cause that amazing glow and sparkle they are :  Chlorophyll from young barley shoots, polyphenols, vitamin E : anti-oxidant and oxygenating and Moisturizing and regenerating complex of vegetable oils : grape, olive and sunflower seeds

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