Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Dr Bronners Vegan Pure MAGIC Castile Soap review - I love them !!!

It's rare I find a product that I know I will buy again & again after the first time I use it . Normally I have to really put a product through its paces, especially a beauty / cosmetic product . When I tried Dr Bronners soaps a few weeks ago , I instantly fell in love. Those who know me personally , will know , one of the things I'm known for is my love of the bath tub . Infact as I write this on my iPhone I am laying in a warm bath before I go to work (it is very very early ) - everyone knows I just can't get enough of the tub . It's a bit of a running joke that once I'm in , I can't get out . 

Dr Bronners magic soaps make it even harder to get out of the tub too , oh boy they are luxury in paper wrapping . My favourite has to be the Rosé one, followed by peppermint . 

They are vegan, natural, and the best quality soap I've ever used . Did you know when you apply something to your skin 68% of it can be absorbed ?! This is something I always consider since training as a make up artist and then moving into medical healthcare . 

Dr Bronners soaps are amazing , they leave you feeling super clean, fresh and a little pampered by the beautiful smell . - definatly recommend by this moma to use on your babies too , infact Opeie & Seth love them as much as me as they lather up so much . 

I bought my soaps at a small Eco friendly shop on holiday - you can get them online too though . 

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