Thursday, 10 October 2013

John Masters Organic Shampoo & Conditioner Review " Evening Primrose Shampoo " & "Honey & Hibiscus Conditioner"

I just have to tell you about the John Masters Shampoo and condition I was given (teeny) samples of the other day whilst away and visiting a health spa and shop! OH MY, I was quite excited to try them, and I have no word to explain how good they are,  fantabulous comes close . They called : Evening Primrose Shampoo & Honey & Hibiscus Conditioner (- I'm a vegan who believes in using honey, personal choice. )

The samples were small, as my hair is very very long, but they still worked well. I would have liked to try them for longer though, over a week etc to see how my hair changes. 

The Pro's to the John Masters shampoo and conditioners are that they're organic (!!!) , made my hair feel great, it was manageable when I had gotten out of the shower - something that is always a test for me as my hair can be very tangly and knotty. They both also smell GREAT ! The shampoo made my hair full of bounce at the roots, and the conditioner made it easy to dry. It felt nice for a few days too, until I rewashed it. 

The Con's are, that the shampoo is very very runny, which I didn't expect and I initally found it hard to apply, I think if I used it for longer I would totally get used to this though. 

( That's the only negative thing I can think of! )

I would definitely recommend this, it's a great product and I just had to share this with you!

( I've not been paid to recommend this, all thoughts are as always my own, and if I love a product I just have to share it! Enjoy! )

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